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Going deep for Vancouver

Going deep for Vancouver is a very personal and candid documentary about former short track speed skater Margriet de Schutter, the road to the Olympic Games and the moment of quitting.

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How does detraining work?

Unfortunately, there is no recipe for good detraining, because it can be unique for each individual. There are recommendations, however, and they are good to keep in mind as guidelines. It is all about slowly allowing your heart and muscles to become used to less exertion. It takes time for them to adjust. Following scientific research carried out by movement scientist Sander van den Belt on behalf of the NOC*NSF, we have laid out some guidelines below.

In order to avoid unusual physical side effects, it is good too keep your body in sport mode, even if you have stopped practising sports. Read more >>

After years of daily training, it makes sense that you are a bit sick of sports. You don’t need to feel guilty about it. Read more >>