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Book: ‘Stoppen & Doorgaan’ 

The book Stoppen & Doorgaan (Quitting and Continuing) picks up where the documentary Diepgaan voor Vancouver (Going Deep for Vancouver) left off. Read more >>

Going deep for Vancouver 

Going deep for Vancouver from Margriet de Schutter on Vimeo.

Since her childhood Margriet de Schutter has had a dream: to compete at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver as a short track speed skater. Through years of intensive training she achieves a high level and becomes a member of the National Short Track Team. Vigorous training and international competition bring her success, but also a battle with an increasing number of injuries. Is her body really good enough for short track? Is she not too heavy and can she sit deep enough on her skates? Her strong will power brings Margriet close to participation in Vancouver.

When she loses her place in the National Team, Margriet suffers a mental crises. How will she cope without her sport, will she still know who she really is? Her mental coach advises her to find her true self again. The same passion that drove Margriet to ‘go deep’ as an athlete enables her to go deep in this very personal and revealing documentary.

In December 2012, this documentary was given an Award in Milan during the world’s biggest international sports-related film festival.

The book continues

The book Stoppen & Doorgaan (Quitting and Continuing) picks up where the documentary left off. Read more >>