Margriet de Schutter (born April 28, 1986, in Groningen, The Netherlands) is a European media personality and a retired ice-skating competitor. She is a recognized (TV) anchor, international motivational speaker, interviewer, author, emcee, and sports journalist. Her speaking experience includes TEDx, international events, professional conferences, organizations, universities, and youth groups.

De Schutter, along with colleagues, created the award-winning documentary ‘Going Deep for Vancouver’, founded the online platform, and authored two books: ‘Stop & Continue’ and ‘The Secret Balance of Champions’. The latter book received the prestigious Diamond d’Honneur from ‘Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs’, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, in Milan in 2021.

As a sports journalist, De Schutter has contributed to the largest speed skating news platform,, and other sports-based entities. With her background, she has gained theoretical and practical knowledge to address ongoing international trends, which has the potential to touch communities of all sizes.